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Users can now search for individual items by title name or by number. (Search result links will open in a separate window.) To search by model name, simply place the title in quotes - for example, "Boy, Big Hat." That will bring you to a page displaying a link for the catalog page on which that model appears. If you know that item's number but not its name, simply type in 182G (with no brand prefix, but make sure you use the G for NAO porcelain items made in the regular porcelain formula).

Troubleshooting notes:
  • The search by model name will not work if there is more than one word in the title unless you place the name in quotes.
  • The model number search will not work if you place a number sign, brand name, or any other prefix before the number.
  • For non-Gres NAO and non-ebameled Zaphir models, the number search will also not bring you to a catalog page if you do not use the G suffix immediately after the number. (Some items are catalog listed with a G/M suffix, but typing just a G will bring you to those as well.)
  • The letter suffix is not required for model numbers in NAO Gres, Zaphir enamel, and models in Golden Memories or Hispania.
If you do not know the name or number of your piece, you can always scroll down to the thematic category list below to browse for your figurine/ornament.

Zaphir Catalog Index

Animals & Birds
Adults with Animals, Birds, or Butterflies
Decorative and Functional Items
Enamel (Gres) Figurines
Human Groupings (models with more than one figure)
Kids in Sleepwear
Kids with Animals
Kids with Birds, Butterflies, or Flowers
Kids with Their Toys
Kids, Miscellaneous
Religious Themes
Women, Country
Women, Elegant
Miscellaneous Figurines
Unidentified Items

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