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Zaphir Catalog - Decorative Items

Included in this category are bells and other more or less "functional" items that don't lend themselves easily to categorization as figurines. Lamps, have their own page (see catalog index).
Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
587G/M Swan Bowl (Large) 1982 Unknown $65-$75
Also made as NAO. (Flowers in photo are silk and not part of model.)
588G/M Swan Bowl (Medium) 1982 Unknown $55-$60
Also made as NAO. (Flowers in photo are silk and not part of model.)
589G/M Swan Bowl (Small) 1982 Unknown $45-$50
Also made as NAO. (Flowers in photo are silk and not part of model.)
703G Christmas Bell 1980 $60 $45-60 A school-bell-style porcelain bell with long handle and unknown embossed Christmas scene. I haven't actually seen a picture of this item to describe the scene, but the style of the bell would presumably be similar to #705, pictured below. These Zaphir bells were expensive at retail, and it's difficult to say how much of their value will be retained given the fairly modest popularity of bells among Lladró brand collectors, the inclusion of a specific year (1980) on the face of the bell, and the fact that Zaphir bells are too seldom seen on the market to generate much demand.
704G Mother's Day Bell 1981 $60 $45-$60 School-bell style white porcelain bell with long handle, colored porcelain bow at base of handle, and embossed and painted relief scene of bust of mother holding small child. Also dated 1980 on surface of bell. I have actually seen a picture of this item, but unfortunately, the item was damaged, with the damage clearly visible in the picture, so I wasn't able to include it here. Style is very similar to #705 pictured below.
705G Valentine's Day Bell 1980 $60 $45-$60
Unknown serial # Zaphir Name Plaque unknown unknown $25
This appears to have been a Zaphir dealer display plaque, whose use would have been parallel to that of the display signs found in the other Lladró brands. Zaphir had no logo, so the pyramidal plaque appears rather plain. Chirivella was the town where the Zaphir factory was located, Valencia the province, and España, of course, the country.
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