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Zaphir Catalog - Kids with Animals

Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
521G/M Little Boy Blue 1982 $63 $125-$135
Also made as NAO.
522G/M Girl [with Rabbit] 1982 $67.50 $125-$135
Also made as NAO.
544G Siesta 1982 $147.50 $175-$225
This item was also made as a lamp with serial number 543 (see Zaphir Lamps).
558G/M Little Shepherd 1982 $77.50 $125-$135
563G/M Girl with Dog 1982 $31.50 $75-$100
Also made as NAO.
584G/M Feeding My Colt 1982 $275 $350-$375
590G/M Picnic 1982 $105 $150-$175
Also made as NAO (see NAO catalog).
595G/M My Playful Puppy 1982 $40 $110-$125
Also made as NAO (see NAO catalog).
603G/M Howie's Dog 1982 $135 $150-$175
Also made as NAO.
615G/M [Boy with Cat] 1982 Unknown $150-$175
620G Tenderness 1982 $90 $135-$150
627G Playful Bunnies 1982 $147.50 $150-$175
Also made as NAO.
628G/M My Pet Sheep 1982 $255 $350-$375
Exceptional modeling.
11"/28 cm x 7"/18 cm
687G Nature Boy 1982 $70 $90-$100
695G Rosita and Her Rabbit 1982 $72.50 $125-$135
700G/M Melancholy Shepherdess 1980 $350 $400-$450 Shepherd girl holding staff and leaning on her raised knee, two white goats (one with horns) either side of her, whole grouping raised on piled rocks. Also made in Enamel. Also made as NAO.
726G/M Time to Talk 1991 $160 $200-$225 Little girl in long white jumper with blue stripes at hem, seated on ground is leaning against tree stump, talking to gray and white goat reclining by her side. Also made as NAO (colors may be different on the Zaphir model).
727G Best Friends 1981 $120 $135-$150 Boy seated on ground leaning against rocks, looking down at small brown and white dog with paw on boy's leg. Also made as NAO (see NAO catalog).
732G Athena 1984 $92 $175-$200 Tall (14 1/2"/37 cm) Greek-style adolescent shepherd girl in long, flowing dress, holding white lamb on shoulders. Also made as NAO. This model also appears to be identical to Lladró core collection model #343.13, "Greek Shepherdess."
736G/M My Playful Puppy (Coral) 1982 $40 $110-$125
This item is nearly identical to #595 (and in fact has the same title name) except that the puppy in that one has the girl's nightdress hem in its mouth, while this one does not.
760G [Girl with Cat] Unknown Unknown $175-$200 Girl in long, sleeveless dress seated on chair holding cat in lap. Also made as NAO see NAO catalog).
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