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Zaphir Catalog - Kids with their Toys

Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
526G [Boy with Skis] 1980 Unknown $75-$100
564G/M Pretending 1982 $46 $90-$95
Also made as NAO. (See NAO catalog.)
566G/M Don't Cry Dolly 1982 $42 $100-$125
Also made as NAO. (See NAO catalog.)
598G I Love My Doll 1982 $40 $85-$95
Also made as NAO. (See NAO catalog.)
654G/M Off to School 1982 $55 $75-$100
679G Michael's Gang 1982 $875 $1135-$1175
Also made as NAO (see NAO catalog).
686G A Street Game 1982 $70 $75-$85
694G Bianca and Her Bear 1982 $75 $135-$150
Also made as NAO.
748G - ? "Bouncing" 1982 $60 $100-$125
This is a likely (though not certain) candidate for the identity of Zaphir model #748, for which I have no retail catalog photo. (Photo supplied by collector Michael Danson.)
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