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Zaphir Catalog - Kids with Birds,
Butterflies, or Flowers

Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
511G/M Chicken Feed 1982 $87.50 $95-$100
512G/M Chirping 1982 $85 $95-$100
569G/M My Little Chicks 1982 $85 $125-$150
Also made as NAO. (See NAO catalog.)
574G/M [Boy with Butterfly Net] 1980 Unknown $150-$175
577G Girl with Doves 1982 $120 $200-$225
586G [Girl with Rooster] 1980 Unknown $135-$150
623M/G Making a wish 1982 $240 $300-$325
633G/M Geese Family 1982 $240 $300-$325
13"/33 cm x 9 1/2"/24 cm
680G/M Springtime 1982 $235 $350-$375
Also made as NAO. The Zaphir version was also made in Enamel.
681G/M Breath of Spring 1982 $345 $375-$400
Also made as NAO (see NAO catalog page). The Zaphir version was also made in Enamel.
683G Sweet Thoughts 1982 $120 $175-$200
Roses in hands on this and next model consist of individually articulated flowerwork. Also made as NAO (see NAO catalog).
683B [Enamel] Sweet Thoughts 1982 $135 $225-$250
Same model as above but in Enamel and different colors. Also made as NAO.
744G/M Feeding Time 1981 $105 $125-$135 Seated girl in long skirt, shoulder-length dark hair, holding grain in hand out to white duck. Also made as NAO (see NAO catalog).
746G Bird Song 1981 $140 $175-$200 Girl in Valencian hairdo but wearing daily, non- ceremonial dress, sitting with hands atop large brown water jug and looking down at bird perched on her knee. Also made as NAO.
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