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Zaphir Catalog - Human Groupings
(More Than One Figure)

Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
104 Eskimo Mother 1982 $280 $325-$350
14 1/2"(39 cm) x 11"(28 cm)
573G/M Keeping Warm 1982 $240 $275-$300
575G/M [Woman and Boy at Fountain] 1980 Unkown $250-$275
605G/M [Peasant Group with Dog] 1980 Unknown $400-$450
15"(38 cm) x 9 1/2"(24 cm)
638G/M [Old-Fashioned Man and Woman] 1980 Unknown $250-$275
11 3/4"(30 cm) x 8 1/2"(21 cm)
653G/M [Young Boy and Girl] 1980 unknown $75-$100
655G/M Guess Who? 1982 $85 $150-$165
656G/M It's Raining 1982 $95 $125-$150
672G/M [Woman and Boy with Sailboat] 1980 Unknown $225-$250
15 3/4"(40 cm) x 5 1/2"(14 cm)
679G Michael's Gang 1982 $875 $1135-$1175
Also made as NAO (see NAO catalog.)
684G Street Nusicians 1982 $420 $550-$575
Also made as NAO (see NAO Catalog.)
691G [Medieval Serenade] 1980 Unknown $750-$950
18 7/8"(50 cm) x 17 3/4"(45 cm)
699G/M Tales of the Sea 1981 $400 $525-$550
Also made as NAO under title "Waiting for the Fishermen" (see NAO catalog).
701G "Big Top" 2000 $415 $425-$450 Adult clown teaching boy clown to play concertina. Also made as NAO under title "Music Lesson" (see NAO catalog).
734G Bouncing Baby 1981 $105 $150-$175 Baby in white shift kneeling on mother's lap, she seated on rocks with arms poised to catch him if he falls and wearing blue jumper, white apron, and kerchief. Also made as NAO (see NAO catalog; colors may be different on the Zaphir model).
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