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For those interested in glass figurines, Fenton Art Glass Beasts, Birds & Butterflies is another of Peggy's books!

Also for those interested in glass, Fenton Art Glass Fairy Lamps & Lights is Peggy's latest book! It focuses on small, candle-lit "lamps" that were first used in the Victorian era to light dark hallways before the invention of gaslight or electricity.

The publisher for these Fenton books has gone out of business, but I am pursuing other publishing options for revised and expanded editions. Stay tuned! In the meantime, you may still find advance-ordered and used copies of these books at online booksellers.

Notice to eBay™ Auction Sellers (et al.)

This web site is copyrighted, so please do not "cut and paste" from this site into your online auction descriptions - nor otherwise plagiarize my work! (Yes, it should go without saying; too bad I've had to discover it doesn't.)

El Portal Porcelana Now Search Enabled!

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Users can now search for individual items by title name or by number. (Search result links will open in a separate window.) To search by model name, simply place the title in quotes - for example, "Boy, Big Hat." That will bring you to a page displaying a link for the catalog page on which that model appears. If you know that item's number but not its name, simply type in 182G (with no brand prefix, but make sure you use the G for NAO porcelain items made in the regular porcelain formula).

Troubleshooting notes:
  • The search by model name will not work if there is more than one word in the title unless unless you place the name in quotes.
  • The model number search will not work if you place a number sign, brand name, or any other prefix before the number.
  • For non-enameled Zaphir models, the number search will also not bring you to a catalog page if you do not use the G suffix immediately after the number. (Some items are catalog listed with a G/M suffix, but typing just a G will bring you to those as well.)
  • The letter suffix is not required for model numbers in Zaphir enamel.
If you do not know the name or number of your piece, you can always scroll down to the thematic category list below to browse for your figurine/ornament.

Zaphir Catalog Introduction

There has been a persistent and growing collector demand for information about various Lladró brands, including Zaphir (no longer in production under that name). I'm pleased to be able to share this catalog containing everything I know from the Zaphir line. I'll update the listings as more information becomes available. Thanks to Helen Hurd, Lynn Wolfenden, David Ball, Larry & Holly DeForest, Michael Danson, Sue Anderson, Lia Obee, Carlos Abrego, and David Tyrer for catalog picture contributions to this Zaphir catalog. Special thanks to the late Monica L. Stewart, who was an avid collector of Lladró brands, for her invaluable assistance in proofreading this catalog when it was first being launched. I miss her very much!

As I did with the NAO catalog, I've arranged the Zaphir models by categories for ease of reference (see index below, with live links). It will become immediately evident that the category listing is much more limited than that for the larger NAO collection. Some of the most popular themes in the other Lladró brands (e.g., Clowns & Jesters, Harlequins & Dancers, and Valencian themes) weren't produced in sufficient numbers in the Zaphir brand to have categories of their own. I'm afraid collectors looking for these themes will have to browse for them under other likely categories.

One of the Zaphir categories is "Enamel." This was an enamel-paint/matte hybrid that was Zaphir's answer to the "Gres" found in the other Lladró collections; the porcelain slip used in Zaphir is not as dark as the earth-toned porcelain in Gres. Especially as relates to the Enamel models, readers will note that there is (in this as in other sections of the web site catalog) some deliberate repetition of items across categories in order to accommodate collectors looking for items under more than one logical category.

Whenever the title of a Zaphir model is in brackets, that means I have a catalog picture of it but no price listing that gives me the original title. Model numbers with "G" after them refer to glazed models, "M" to matte (unglazed) models; "G/M" means the item was made in both glazed and unglazed versions.

When Lladró closed Zaphir in or around 1982, the company brought many of the Zaphir models then in production over into the NAO line, and I have so indicated for individual catalog listings iwhere that was the case. The colors used in NAO models of Zaphir originals were often different from the colors used in the original model. Note the live cross-links in individual catalog listings wherever a picture is provided of that same model in the other brand's catalog. These internal catalog links will open in separate windows so that you need not be concerned about losing your place in the catalog you are currently surfing.

Please Note: This is an information web site ONLY. I am not involved in sales. While I very much welcome email contacts from serious collectors or just those wanting more information on Spanish porcelain, please do not contact me asking for sales or acquisition assistance, as those areas are not my bailiwick.

No portion of this catalog may be reproduced or distributed in any print or electronic venue or for other public consumption without the express permission of Peggy Whiteneck.

Zaphir Catalog Index

Animals & Birds
Adults with Animals, Birds, or Butterflies
Decorative and Functional Items
Enamel (Gres) Figurines
Human Groupings (models with more than one figure)
Kids in Sleepwear
Kids with Animals
Kids with Birds, Butterflies, or Flowers
Kids with Their Toys
Kids, Miscellaneous
Religious Themes
Women, Country
Women, Elegant
Miscellaneous Figurines
Unidentified Items

At Last - A New Lladró Book!

The Lladró Guide; A Collector's Reference to Retired Porcelain Figurines in Lladró Brands

My most recent Lladró book has revised and expanded content and remains the only book in print on this topic that isn't just a catalog. Covers all Lladró and Lladró-affiliated brands (regular collection, NAO, Zaphir, Golden Memories, Hispania, Rosal, and Tang) and tells how to distinguish them from imitations and counterfeits. Revised and expanded content includes many new photos and a new chapter on future directions for collectors and the company now that it has passed from family hands. The book is in hard cover, which eliminates that annoying curl-up that happens with paperback books. You can order the book directly from the publisher, Schiffer Books, on Amazon, or from your favorite bookstore using the ISBN 13 number 978-0764358395.

Warning: If you're looking for a catalog of every retired figurine Lladró ever made, this is not the book for you. If you're looking for beautiful, full-color photos of representative models and more in-depth and well-researched information about Lladró and its history and production than you can get in thumbnail photos with captions, this book is what you're looking for.

Retail Price in Hardcover: $45

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