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Zaphir Catalog - Elegant Women

Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
524G/M [Victorian Lady] 1980 Unknown $150-$175
13 1/2" (34 cm)
532G/M [Lady with Fancy Bonnet] 1980 Unknown $150-$165
13 1/2" (34 cm)
536G/M [Lady Leaning on Parasol] 1980 Unknown $135-$165
11 1/2" (29 cm)
541G/M [Lady with Handkerchief] 1980 Unknown $135-$150
11 3/4" (30 cm)
560G/M Columbine 1982 $110 $185-$200
10 1/4"(26 cm) x 9 1/2"(24 cm)
641G/M [Colonial Lady] 1980 Unknown $145-$165
9 1/2"(24 cm) x 6 3/4"(17 cm)
646G/M Sophisticated Lady 1982 $120 $145-$165
9 3/4"(25 cm) x 4 3/4"(12 cm)
649G/M [Woman with Cupid] 1980 Unknown $500-$550
Very elegant and complex model, including individually articulated flowerwork roses in basket. Very large: 17 1/2"(44 cm) x 8"(20 cm)
658G/M Windswept M-1980, G-1982 $225 $350-$365
Also made as NAO (see NAO catalog). The picture in the Zaphir retail catalog shows the same floral decoration on the girl's dress as found in the NAO version, but a Zaphir variant may also have been made with a plain dress without the floral decoration.
663G/M Posing 1982 $147.50 $200-$225
Also made as NAO (see NAO catalog).
664G/M Imperial Lady 1982 $125 $150-$165
13" (33 cm)
742G Stormy Weather 1981 $95 $125-$150 Young woman in breeze-swept dress, empire waist, blue with white sleeves, closed umbrella or parasol in right hand; 12 1/2"/32 cm. Also made as NAO.
743G My New Bonnet 1981 $95 $125-$150
Also made as NAO.
unknown [Unidentified Model of Female Flamenco Dancer] unknown unknown $125-$150
One of the few unidentified Zaphirs encountered. Very similar in style to NAO #240, "Gypsy Dancer," but cannot be called the same model (the modeling in the NAO example being more elaborate.)
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