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NAO Catalog - Women with Fans
or Parasols/Umbrellas

Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
129G/M April Showers

Sculptor: José Roig
1986 $85 $175-$200
13 1/2"/34 cm.
139G/M The Sophisticate

Sculptor: José Roig
1984 $77.50 $100-$125
197G/M Marketing

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1984 $157.50 $175-$200
291G Phyllis

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1991 $115 $135-$150
11 3/4"/30 cm.
419G Flowers from My Garden

Sculptor: Regino Torrijos
2005 $360 $350-$375
Has flowerwork, relatively rare in the NAO brand, which accounts for the high retail price on this item. Estimated value is for flowerwork in pristine condition.
447G High on a Hill

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1988 $190 $250-$275
12 1/2"/32 cm
454G Posing

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1988 $145 $250-$275
12 1/2"/32 cm
658G Autumn

Sculptor: José Roig
1996 $340 $300-$350
Also made as Zaphir (see Zaphir catalog).
742G Stormy Weather
[Lady with Parasol]

Sculptor: José Puche
1984 $80 $125-$150 Young woman in breeze-swept dress, empire waist, blue with white sleeves, closed umbrella or parasol in right hand; 12 1/2"/32 cm. Also made as Zaphir.
1245G Splendorous Summer

Sculptor: Rafael Lozano
2000 $100 $110-$135
1250G Relax

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
2001 $180 $185-$200
1251G Sweet Spring

Sculptor: Rafael Lozano
1999 $125 $135-$150
1400G A Rainy Afternoon

Sculptor: Rafael Lozano
2004 $95 $100-$125
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