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NAO Catalog - Women with Animals, Birds, Butterflies, or Flowers

For the Women's categories, the distinction between an adolescent girl (some of whom are listed in the "Kids" section of the catalog) and a woman is somewhat arbitrary; the focus of the women's categories is primarily (though not exclusively) on women in elegant dress. This category has been very popular in Lladró's core collection, and a lot of this style were also made in NAO, with a spate of new ones issued in 1996-2001. Curiously, many of these NAO models of elegant ladies had short retail lives - though that hasn't stopped the company from issuing new models each year in this popular theme category. Several of these models are more than a foot tall.
Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
116G Languid Lady

Sculptor: Jose Roig
1991 $135 $150-$175
135G/M Girl with Dog

Sculptor: Salvador Furio
1985 $125 $175-$200
144G Playful Rabbits

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1985 $125 $150-$165
157G/M Flower Seller

Sculptor: Salvador Furió
1984 $150 $200-$225 Same dog as seen on NAO-marked model of Lladró's "Girl with Goose" #4866.
292G Girl with Basket of Flowers

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
2001 $115 $125-$135
293G Lady with Flowers

Sculptor: Martinez
1998 $175 $200-$225
321G Girl Smelling Rose

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
Unknown Unknown $200-$225
An unusual bust form, of a type more typically found in the regular Lladró line.
330.2 [Gres] [Young Woman with White Cat]

Sculptor: Unknown
1983 Unknown $225-$275
Because of the decimal numbering on this, it's possible the same model was also made in the regular porcelain formula and numbered just 330.
419G Flowers from My Garden

Sculptor: Regino Torrijos
2005 $360 $375-$400
Has flowerwork, relatively rare in the NAO brand, which accounts for the high retail price on this item. Estimated value is for flowerwork in pristine condition.
1023G Let's Play

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1998 $180 $200-$225
1023 [Gres] Let's Play

Sculptor: Martinez
1997 $295 $300-$325 Same model as above but in Gres
1132G Betsy

Sculptor: Regino Torrijos
1996 $150 $165-$185
1196G Spring Bouquet

Sculptor: Torrijos
1997 $140 $150-$165 Young woman in long skirt with embossed hem, sash low on waist, wearing white hat with flowered band, holding small, molded bouquet in hand.
1218G My Pet

Sculptor: Miguel Angel Santaeulalia
1997 $175 $185-$215
(Hard to tell from this thumbnail picture, but she's carrying a little pet rabbit in her basket.)
1232G Autumn Stroll

Sculptor: Santaeulalia
Issued 1996 $129 current retail N/A See NAO web site
Young woman in pink suit, skirt reaching to floor, small white hat with blue trim, umbrella in hand, small cat held under suit jacket. (I have this item in my own collection, and it is so elegant! I use it for spring as well as fall display.)
1303G First Flight

Sculptor: Rafael Lozano
2004 $95 $75-$100 .
1317G Natural Beauty

Sculptor: José Javier Malavia
2001 $105 $110-$135
1331G Spoiled Puppy

Sculptor: Enrique Sanisidro
2001 $165 $175-$195
1344G Floral Beauty

Sculptor: José Santaeulalia
Issued 2000 $135 current retail N/A See NAO web site
Young woman with long, straight hair, strapless white gown with pink trim at hem, blue shawl, carrying small bouquet of flowerwork
1350G My Little Bouquet

Sculptor: Marco Antonio Noguerón
Issued 2000 $119 current retail N/A See NAO web site
Young woman with hair held back with blue ribbon, wearing long blue, sleeveless dress, carrying hat filled with (molded) roses in one arm, rose in other hand.
1363G Beautiful Bather

Sculptor: José Santaeulalia
2006 $245 $250-$265 Three-quarter model of young nude, flower in long hair, holding dark blue towel at waist, holding rose. Large model at 14 1/4" X 11". (Also made in Gres as #2003.)
1365G Meadow Song

Sculptor: Juan Carlos Ferri Herrero
2006 $125 $135-$150 Young girl seated on ground, legs out to side, wearing white dress with blue trim, broad-brimmed blue hat, basket of flowers (molded) on ground beside her, holding molded flower.
1380G The Bird's Flight

Sculptor: Rafael Lozano
2010 $95 last retail $75-$100 Same model as #1303 with African-American girl.
1392G Spring Reflections

Sculptor: Lozano
Issued 2000 $195 current retail N/A See NAO web site
Young woman in long dress with white skirt, blue trim at hem, mauve-colored top with blue trim, holding flower.
1398G The Butterfly's Dance

Sculptor: José Javier Malavia
Issued 2001 $139 current retail N/A See NAO web site
Girl in long dress with ruffled neckline, sleeves, and hem, wearing hat, butterfly perched on her open hand.
1523G A Lazy Afternoon Issued 2006 $225 current retail N/A See
Woman sitting on the trunk of a tree looking up at a bird on a sparsely leafed branch.
1586G A Mellow Afternoon
[A Lazy Afternoon]

Sculptor: Begoña Jauregui
Issued 2007 $159 current retail N/A See
Young woman seated on a rock by a pond with cat-o-nine tails and holding flapping duckling in her hands.
2003 Beautiful Bather

Sculptor: José Santaeulalia
Issued 2011 $360 current retail N/A See official NAO web site.
Three-quarter nude with blue wrap over one arm and holding molded pink roses in hand, molded pink rose in hair. (Same model as #1363 but in Gres.)
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