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NAO Catalog - A Note About Unidentified Items

April 2005 Update: Because the list of confirmed but unidentified and uncatalogued NAO has become longer than any of us could possibly have predicted (about three dozen as of this writing!), it seems a more user-friendly listing strategy for these items to include them at the ends of the regular, thematically-organized catalog theme pages, where curious collectors would be most likely to search for them in the first place. (Once users have gotten familiar with this new catalogue arrangement, the page you are currently reading will be removed from the site.)
I must emphasize that the only items listed as unidentified in this catalog are items that have been confirmed to my satisfaction as actually having NAO marks. There is a plethora of NAO-looking, unmarked items out there, some of which may actually be old NAO, but because it is impossible to confirm this one way or another, none of these unmarked items are included in the catalogue. Items without pictures are items I saw online years ago and kept photocopies web page (never anticipating at that time that I'd ever want the pictures for a web site!). If pictures of these items should become available in future, I will certainly post them.
So, if you're looking for an unidentified item, click here for links to the thematically organized Catalog Index. Happy surfing!
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