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NAO Matrimonial and Romance - Uncatalogued

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[Romantic Couple with Dog] A large, fairly stylized tableau of a young country couple, she semi-reclining on ground, he apparently engaged in animated conversation with her as a small dog clamors beside them. Old impressed NAO mark. 5/31/05 Update: It has finally dawned on me that this is an uncatalogued NAO clone of Lladró's model #304.13, "Romantic Serenade," but the flute the man should be holding is missing from this NAO example - which explains the oddly "animated" position of the man's hands. (In recent years, several examples have surfaced of rare decimal-point numbered Lladró items with old, impressed NAO marks - raising the intriguing question as to which brand came first. For more on this question, see this web site's page on NAO clones of Lladró regular collection items.) Given the missing element (flute), all value best are off on this particular NAO example of the model. It could be that the rarity factor would offset condition, but we wouldn't be in a position to make that judgment until/unless the item is tested in the market. unknown
[Romantic Couple with Parasol & Dog] Man and woman in old fashioned dress (in in top hat and long coat, she in street-length white-skirted gown with blue bodice. He holds pink lace parasol over her head while she, slightly bent forward, struggles to hold small cocker-type dog. Old, impressed NAO mark. unknown N/A
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