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NAO Kids with Their Toys - Uncatalogued

Generic Name Description Est. Value Thumbnail
[Boy with Rocking Horse] Boy in pajamas standing in front of and leaning back on on a pinto-colored toy horse. Impressed NAO mark. $125-$150
Also made as lamp.
[Girl with Doll] Standing little girl with exposed tummy, holding doll. $100-$125
[Seated Girl with Doll] Uncatalogued example of one of several NAO models of seated little girls with dolls, catalogued models of which can be seen on the other Kids with Toys pages of this catalogue. $100-$125
[Child with Toy Train] Item is thematically similar to #1052, A New Toy, but this uncatalogued item is much older, and the posture and clothing worn by the child are different. Uncatalogued item has first brown backstamp. $125-$150
[Child with Toy Boat] Small boy down on one knee and floor holding toy boat. $125-$150
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