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NAO Catalog - Kids with Fruits or Flowers

Although it is commonly thought that a distinguishing feature of the NAO brand is that it does not have Lladró's famous, separately applied flowerwork, that is not, in fact, the case. Wherever the NAO models listed here have applied flowerwork, there will be an asterisk next to the flower reference. If the item does not have an asterisk, the reader may assume the flowers are "molded" into the model itself.
Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
266G/M Bouquet for You [Making a Bouquet] Sculptor: Vicente Martinez 1988 $220 $250-$275
268G/M Young Flower Arrangers

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1991 $225 $250-$275
Unusual bust with flowerwork in basket.
276G/M Dutch Boy with Flowers Sculptor: Salvador Furió 1984 $130 $175-$200
302G/M Pondering [Girl Reclining] Sculptor: Salvador Debón 1990 $145 $150-$165
337 [Gres] Watering the Flowers [Girl Holding Plant] Sculptor: José Puche 1984 $95 $135-$150 Little girl in long pink skirt and wearing apron and bonnet carries potted flower in arms, with watering can looped over her right elbow.
348G/M Girl with Bouquet Sculptor: Vicente Martinez M-1991, G-1998 $110 $110-$120
415G/M Mona with Roses Sculptor: Francisco Catalá 1988 $110 $115-$125
416G/M Christina with Roses Sculptor: Catalá 1991 $110 $115-$125
417G/M Lisa with Roses Sculptor: Catalá 1988 $110 $115-$125 Sculptor: Catalá
495G/M My Bouquet Sculptor: Regino Torrijos M-1991, G-2005 Unknown $150-$175 (G), $195-$200 (M)
680G Springtime Sculptor: José Roig 1984 $200 $275-$300 Very tall (17"/43 cm) model, young girl wearing flowered laurels, long white, sleeveless dress, pink embossed accents, holding roses* in hand. Also made as Zaphir (see Zaphir catalog ).
681G Breath of Spring Sculptor: Roig 1984 $290 $350-$375
Also very tall (17 3/4"/45 cm)
with flowerwork and also made as Zaphir
(see Zaphir catalog ).
683G Youth Sculptor: José Puche 2001 $170 $175-$200
An unusually large model for a NAO.* Also made as Zaphir (see Zaphir catalog ).
683B Sweet Thoughts Sculptor: Puche 1987 $120 $200-$225
Same model as above but in a hybrid finish with matte skin surfaces and bright enamel painting in clothing; hot pink dress in this model, blue in regular porcelain model. Girls holding roses* in both models. Also made as Zaphir
(see Zaphir catalog ).
728G/M Basket of Tulips Sculptor: Salvador Furió 1984 $110 $175-$195
Also made as Zaphir.
747G Señorita Sculptor: Salvador Debón 1991 $105 $125-$135
Also made as Zaphir.
1001G/M Tulip Time Sculptor: Francisco Catalá M-1991, G-2008 $140 $150-$165 (G), $175-$185 (M) Girl with long dress, gray ruffle at hem and puffy gray sleeves, white skirt, holding bouquet of tulips*.
1005G The Schoolgirl Sculptor: Catalá 2004 $170 $175-$185
1016G/M Watering the Flowers Sculptor: Vicente Martinez M-1991, G-1996 $150 $165-$185
1016 [Gres] Watering the Flowers Sculptor: Martinez 2000 $255 $265-$275
Same model as above but in Gres.
1087G Out for a Stroll Sculptor: Regino Torrijos 2008 $80 $85-$95 Girl in long, flowing brown skirt and long-sleeved blue top, white straw hat, carrying basket of flowers on right arm. Also made as Golden Memories #33021 (see GM catalog).
1089G Windy Afternoon Sculptor: Regino Torrijos 2002 $80 $80-$85
Also made as Golden Memories #33023 (see GM catalog).
1119G Becky Sculptor: Vicente Martinez 2006 $55 $65-$75 Girl in long white dress, holding spray of red flowers at breast in right hand, broad-brimmed blue hat with flowers on hat-band in left hand.
1128G Pretty Posies Sculptor: Martinez 1996 $70 $70-$75
1158G Gentle Breeze Sculptor: Martinez Issued 1992 $99 current retail N/A
Pink flower* in hand.
1164G My First Garden Sculptor: Francisco Catalá 1997 $210 $210-$225 Little girl in blue overalls, white hat, kneeling behind wheelbarrow with blossoms, clipping flowers from bush.
1195G Spring Flowers Sculptor: Regino Torrijos 2008 $115 $100-$115 Girl in broad-brimmed hat and long white dress with embossed hem, basket of flowers in right arm, holding skirt up with left hand.
1278G She's Late! Sculptor: José Luis Santes 2000 $115 $125-$150
1304G He Loves Me Sculptor: Rafael Lozano 2004 $85 $95-$100
1315G One for Me, One for You Sculptor: Miguel Angel Santaeulalia 2004 $120 $120-$130
1356 Flower Harvest Sculptor: Rafael Lozano 2004 Unknown $150-$175 11 3/4"T
1366G Spring Petals Sculptor: Juan Carlos Ferri Herrero 2008 $145 $150-$165 Girl with side ponytails and wearing sleeveless white dress with blue piping at hem, holding bouquet of flowers in crook of left arm.
1395G A Summer Day Sculptor: Miguel Angel Santaeulalia 2003 $135 $135-$145
1410G Morning Breeze 2004 $225 $225-$235
Flowerwork held in hand.
1444G The Flower Girl Sculptor: Francisco Polope Issued 2003 $109 current retail N/A See official NAO web site
Little girl in long white dress and holding bouquet.*
1518G Pink Carnations Sculptor Unknown 2010 $119 $100-$120 Small girl in long white dress with blue apron and holding a bouquet of carnations. (NB: The carnations are molded, not flowerwork.) This item is part of a series of three in similar theme that included #s1536 & 1537 below. These items do not appear in the catalog on the official NAO web site and may have had limited distribution.
1536G Potted Blooms Sculptor Unknown 2010 $119 last retail $100-$120 last retail Small girl in white dress with blue apron holding a flowerpot with (molded) pink blossoms. This item does not appear in the catlog on the official NAO web site and may have had limited distribution.(See note on #1535 above.)
1537G Golden Daisies Sculptor Unknown 2010 $119 Last Retail $95-$100 Last Retail Small girl with braided hair, in white dress with blue sleeves and trim and pink apron, arms raised and holding a flowerpot of (molded) flowers. (See note in #1535 above.)
1591G Youthful Spirit [Naomi] Sculptor: Begoña Jauregui 2010 $139 last retail $125-$130 Young girl in long white dress with loose blue sash and carrying a basket of flowers (molded flowers, not flowerwork).
1644G A Delicate Scent Sculptor: Alfredo Llorens Issued 2009 $99 current issue N/A See official NAO web site.
Little girl wearing kerchief, hitching up skirt of long dress with pink empire waisted top, holds flower in her hand at which she sniffs with eyes closed.
1661G I Thought of You Sculptor: Eva Maria Cuerva Issued 2009 $109 current issue N/A See official NAO web site.
Young boy with wearing white short-sleeved shirt and blue trousers, holding molded flower bouquet behind his back, a brown school satchel on the ground by his side.
1665G Strawberry Bonnet Sculptor: Alfredo Llorens Issued 20010 $105 current issue N/A See official NAO web site.
Little girl in long white, sleeveless dress, holding a straw hat full of strawberries.
1666 Spring Stroll Sculptor: Begoña Jauregui Issued 2010 $110 current retail N/A See official NAO web site.
Little girl in long blue and white short-sleeved dress, reaching up to touch her brimmed hat with left hand and carrying bouquet of pink flowers in her right.
1828 Barefoot Stroll Sculptor: Raul Rubio Issued 2014. Ret. c.2016 Unknown Unknown See official NAO web site.
Little girl in knee-length, sleeveless white dress with blue belt and holding molded rose in hand and basket of molded roses in crook of right arm.
2005 From My Little Garden Sculptor: Jose Sanateulalia Issued 2011 $285 current retail N/A See official NAO web site.
Gres model of a little girl in ponytail and sleeveless dress and holding a blooming flowerpot.
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