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NAO Catalog - Kids with Birds or Butterflies, p. 2

Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
423G/M Fluttering Pigeons

Sculptor: Alfredo Ruiz
M-1991, G-1998 $205 $225-$250
423 [Gres] Fluttering Pigeons

Sculptor: Ruiz
2000 $275 $275-$295
Same model as above but in Gres.
481G/M Andean Farm Girl

Sculptor: Antonio Ramos
1988 $110 $150-$165
569G/M Girl with Basket of Chickens

Sculptor Unknown
M-1991, G-1997 $100 $125-$150
Also made as Zaphir (see Zaphir catalog).
744G/M Feeding Time

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1988 $115 $125-$135
Originally made as Zaphir.
746G Bird Song [Girl Resting]

Sculptor: Salvador Debón
1985 $120 $175-$200 Girl in Valencian hairdo but wearing daily, non- ceremonial dress, sitting with hands atop large brown water jug and looking down at bird perched on her knee. Originally made as Zaphir.
761G/M Lovey Dovey
Girl Playing with Doves

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1988 $135 $175-$200
10 1/2"/27 cm
1008G Girl with Swan

Sculptor: Martinez
1998 $140 $175-$200
Exquisitely modeled.
1042G Listening to the Birds' Songs

Sculptor: Regino Torrijos
Issued 1992 $109 current retail N/A See NAO web site.
Seated girl in long blue skirt and broad-brimmed hat, leaning back on hands, next to small bird perched on leafy bush. Also made as Golden Memories #33011 (see GM catalog).
1077G Tender Love

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1998 $75 $85-$100
Also made as Golden Memories #33049 (see GM catalog.)
1088G Winged Friend

Sculptor: Regino Torrijos
2011-12 $80 last retail $80-$85 Little girl in long, flowing blue skirt and dark, wind-swept hair, dove perched on her right hand. Also made as Golden Memories #33022 (see GM catalog).
1090G Ever So Gently

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1998 $85 $90-$100
1096G Little Visitors

Sculptor: Martinez
1998 $85 $95-$100
1103G Flowers and Friends

Sculptor: Martinez
1997 $100 $105-$110
1106G Friendly Advice

Sculptor: Martinez
1998 $110 $120-$135
1134G Faithful Confidante

Sculptor: Francisco Polope
1998 $105 $115-$125
1154G Calming Caress

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1997 $110 $115-$120
1186G Shower Time!

Sculptor: Regino Torrijops
1996 $245 $275-$295
1188 [Gres] Girl with Ducks Scuptor: Juan Huerta 2000 $500 $500-$525
1264G Feathered Friend

Sculptor: Salvador Debón
2004 $95 $95-$100
(That's a small duckling held in her hands.)
1288G Pals Forever

Sculptor: Marco Antonio Noguerón
2000 $95 $100-$125
1345G The Nightingale's Songbr>
Sculptor: Regino Torrijos
Issued 2008 $150 current retail N/A Girl in long dress with big skirt, embossed blue hem, wearing very broad-brimmed dress hat, holding basket of flowerwork and looking down at small bird perched on her knee
1353G My Feathered Friend

Sculptor: Marco Antonio Noguerón
2002 $145 $150-$160
1354G My Colorful Friend

Sculptor: Noguerón
2002 $145 $150-$160
1409G A Joyful New Friend

Sculptor: Rafael Lozano
Issued 2008 $155 $155-$165 Girl with windswept hair and long dress, carrying in right arm a large pottery jar, on the rim of which is perched a small bird.
1421G Grace and Poise

Sculptor: Rafael Lozano
Issued 2006 $100 current retail $125-$135 Little girl gymnast balanced on ball, dove perched atop her raised hand
1430G Spring Has Come!

Sculptor: Juan Huerta
Issued 2003 $105 current retail N/A See official NAO web site.
Little girl seated on rocks with small bird perched next to bowl of fruit. Girl has topknot pony tail, wears long white dress with blue trim at V-neckline.
1432G Morning Sounds

Sculptor: Juan Huerta
2008 $85 $90-$100/td> Little girl in long nightdress, nest of birds in left hand.
1482G Farmyard Buddies

Sculptor: Eva Maria Cuerva
Issued 2008 $65 current retail $75-$80 Kneeling little girl in white dress with blue trim and blue-bowed headband in hair, holding small white duck in arms.
1586G A Mellow Afternoon

Sculptor: Begoña Jauregui
Issued 2007 $159 current retail N/A See NAO web site.
Long-haired girl in long white skirt sitting on rock and holding duckling or gosling out in her hands before her.
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