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NAO Catalog - Kids with Animals, p.1

Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
L04 Girl with Dog 1972 $10 unknown N/A
L041 Girl with Herd of Pigs

Sculptor: Fulgencio García
1983 Unknown $200-$225
The shepherd girl appears to be the same model as NAO #37 (made without the pigs; see Country Women). Model is very similar in theme to Lladró's model #4572 but is not the same model.
L043 Seesaw

Sculptor: García
1972 Unknown $450-$500
Identical to core collection model #4867 and predates it. A small dog sits looking at boy and girl on seesaw.
L044 Girl with Cat

Sculptor Unknown
1972 $17 unknown This item was found on an old NAO price list, but, unfortunately, there was no photo of it.
3G/M Girl with Rabbit

Sculptor: Fulgencio García
M-1991, G-1998 $55 $125-$135
Image on right is a rarer variant having skirt of a different color and striped hem. That item has old, impressed NAO mark.
32G Man's Best Friend

Sculptor: García
1984 $130 $150-$175
95G/M Relaxation [Seated Boy]

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1982 $157.50 $200-$250
A fabulous example of Lladró/NAO whimsy, with the book-reading boy holding something apparently edible in his other hand, said object exerting a profound fascination for the dog.
104G/M Litter of Kittens

Sculptor: José Roig
1991 $90 $125-$150
120G/M Lamb in Arms
[Pet Lamb]

Sculptor: Salvador Furió
M-1991, G-1997 $105 $125-$135
121G/M Obstinate Goat

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1988 $125 $175-$200
Martinez did some of NAO's best models in both execution and content, and this is one of them.
140G/M Lesson for the Dog

Sculptor: Martinez
1988 $130 $150-$175
144G/M Playful Rabbits

Sculptor: Martinez
1985 $125 $150-$165
157G/M Flower Seller

Sculptor: Salvador Furió
1984 $150 $200-$225
Same dog as seen on NAO-marked model of Lladró's "Girl with Goose" #4866.
160G/M Lost Puppy

Sculptor: Antonio Ruiz
1988 $155 $175-$200
161G/M Playing Bullfighter

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1988 $110 $125-$150
170G/M Protecting the Dog
[A Picnic]

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
M-1991,G-1998 $100 $110-$125
171G/M Holding Her Puppy
[My Pet]

Sculptor: Catalá
M-1991, G-1997 $135 $150-$175
177G/M Shepherd on Stile

Sculptor: Antonio Ruiz
1984 $147.50 $165-$175
180G/M Daisy Girl

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
Unknown Unknown Unknown Fantasy piece of little girl wearing dress with daisies on skirt and reclining against a large daisy head, atop which perches a squirrel.
188G/M Boy's Best Friend

Sculptor: Julio Fernandez
1984 $185 $200-$225
207G/M Feeding the Goat

Sculptor: JosŽ Roig
1988 $110 $150-$200
The estimated value on this is driven in part by the popularity of goat themes, which drives prices up even on eBay.
238G/M Playful Shepherdess

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1991 $85 $125-$135
241G/M Sweet Girl [My Pup]

Sculptor Unknown
M-1991, G-2006 $80 $100-$110 Girl in long dress and white hat, holding Dalmatian puppy in arms, knit shawl dangling from her hands.
241 [Gres] Sweet Girl
[My Pup]

Sculptor Unknown
2000 $125 $135-$150
Same model as above but in Gres.
269G/M Sleepy shepherd

Sculptor: Juan Huerta
1984 $210 $250-$300
278G/M Boy and Dog
["Sit Up!"]

Sculptor: Salvador Furió
M-1991, G-1998 $150 $150-$175
284G/M Milk for the Cat
[Feeding the Cat]

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
M-1991, G-1998 $155 $175-$195
303G/M Pulling the Tail

Sculptor: JosŽ Roig
1990 $85 $100-$110
304G/M Girl's Best Friend

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1990 $95 $110-$125
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