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NAO Catalog - Kids in Couples

Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
L043 Seesaw

Sculptor Unknown
1972 Unknown $275-$300
Identical to core collection model #4867 and predates it
179G/M Little Farmers [Defending the Dove]

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1984 $290 $325-$350
195G Maybe? [AKA "Grape Tasters"]

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1986 $325 $350-$375
(Those are grapes held in the boy's lap.)
199G/M Little Gossips

Sculptor: José Roig
1984 $210 $235-$250
203G/M A Proposal [Country Love]

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1984 $225 $235-$250
205G Hello, Dear

Sculptor: Salvador Debón
1985 $175 $185-$220
280G/M It's My Doll

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
M-1991, G-2001 $205 $225-$235
281G/M Pillow Fight
[Children Playing]

Sculptor: Salvador Furió
M-1991, G-2004 $185(G) $200-$225 (G), $225-$250 (M)
One of the finest of the NAO models by one of Lladró's finest sculptors.
239G/M Curious John
[Goody Basket]

Sculptor: Regino Torrijos
M-1991, G-1997 $195 $200-$225
239 [Gres] Curious John
[Goody Basket]

Sculptor: Torrijos
2000 $300 $300-$325
Same model as above but in Gres
253G/M My Little Sister

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1988 $110 $135-$150
258G/M Reading Poetry

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1984 $250 $275-$295
260G/M Valencian Couple

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1988 $250 $275-$300
266G/M Bouquet for You [Making a Bouquet] Sculptor: Vciente Martinez 1988 $220 $250-$275
268G/M Young Flower Arrangers

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1991 $225 $250-$275
Unusual bust with flowerwork* in basket.
271G Togetherness

Sculptor Unknown
1988 $210 $250-$275
12 1/4"/31 cm
404G/M Be My Sweetheart

Sculptor Unknown
1988 $240 $275-$300
9 1/2"/24 cm
411G My Offering

Sculptor: Regino Torrijos
1991 $250 $275-$295
422G/M Precious Love

Sculptor: Antonio Ramos
1998 $575 $575-$595
448G/M Tender Moment

Sculptor: José Roig
M-1991, G-2004 $240 last retail $245-$250 (G), $250-$265 (M)
500G/M Persuasion

Sculptor: Regino Torrijos
1988 $320 $375-$400
1114 Country Courtship [Gres]

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
2000 $345 $350-$365
1122G Double Surprise

Sculptor: Martinez
2006 $165 $175-$185 Little girl in white nightgown and white bow in hair tries to reach for wrapped present held by smaller child behind her back, she wearing pajamas with red collar, cuffs, and pocket trim
1136G First Love

Sculptor: Martinez
Issued 1992 $175 current retail N/A See NAO web site.
Boy and girl seated with feet on opposite sides of garden bench, foreheads touching. Also made as Golden Memories #33057 (see GM catalog.)
1211G Learning to Dance

Sculptor: Rafael Lozano
1998 $225 $235-$250
13 1/2"/34 1/2 cm
1228G Be Mine

Sculptor: Lozano
1999 $250 $250-$265
1420G School Companions

Sculptor Unknown
2008 $130 $130-$135 Boy and girl walking side by side, she holding books to chest, he holding book down by right side. She wears long white dress with blue trim at cuffs and collar, he blue pants and a green pull-over with blue piping.
1500G Our First Kiss

Sculptor: Francisco Polope
2011-12 $130 $100-$125 Small boy in jacket, seated with arm around dark-haired girl with large bow in hair
1617G Learning Together

Sculptor: Polope
Issued 2008 $129 current retail N/A See official NAO web site. She wears an incongruously long white dress (for an academic context) and a neutral-colored three-quarter length coat and holds books to her breast while he holds open bookin one hand, his other arm around her shoulders..
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