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NAO Dancers, Harlequins, & Pierrots - Uncatalogued

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[Ballerina] Tall (15") standing ballerina in leotard and tutu, hair up, arms folded across stomach, leaning on the ruin of a Grecian column. Item has been found in both glzed and unglazed versions, both with impressed NAO mark. Item has also been found with impressed Lladró mark. In fact, this appears to be one of the figures in Lladró #4456, "Profound Contemplation." The other half of that grouping, a reclining ballerina, seems to have been made separately as well. Neither of the single figures appears to have been catalogued in either brand. $300-$350
[Pensive Pierrot] And speaking of that "reclining ballerina," if you look at Lladró's core collection #s 4456/4557 and 4560, you'll see the same reclining ballerina is featured in all of them. You'll also note that the pierrot depicted in #4560 is the same model as the one pictured here as a separate model. This particular single-figurine spin-off has an old, impressed NAO mark, but given the history of the item listed above, I wouldn't be surprised to find our Pierrot with an old core collection mark, too. $300-$350
[Female Flamenco Dancer] An uncatalogued NAO figurine of a female Flamenco Dancer. The basic model looks very like the woman in the next unidentified NAO grouping listed here. Lladró and its NAO brand frequently took individual elements of larger groupings and spun them off as individual models, which may have been the case here. Photo provided by owner, Kitty Phillips, who reports this item was purchased in Madrid in the late 1960s or early 70s. $350-$400
[Flamenco Dancers] This appears to be a clone of [identical to] regular Lladró collection #4519, "Flamenco Dancers." Found with impressed NAO mark. $1100-$1350
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