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NAO Country Women - Uncatalogued

Generic Name Description Est. Value Thumbnail
[Woman with Jugs] One of a number of NAO women done in similar style holding jugs, this one as yet unidentified. It also appears this model is a clone of the regular Lladró collection model #4875, "The Jug Carrier." $200-$250
[Woman with Jug and Basket] Another model of woman with jugs in similar style to several models made in both the NAO and regular Lladró brands, this one carrying the jug on her head. This particular item may be a variant of NAO #35 (see NAO Country Women"). $200-$250
[Woman with Cloth Bundle] A matte version of an uncatalogued country woman carrying a cloth bundle, uncatalogued, with an old, impressed NAO mark. Photo provided by owner, Dave Nathanson. $100-$150
[Woman at Fountain] A glazed version of an uncatalogued woman at a fountain with water jars and a small bird or dove at top of fountain, impressed NAO mark. Photo provided by owner, Debbie Brooks. The model is similar to catalogued model #s 115 and 136 but is not the same. Reportedly quite tall at 15". $200-$250
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