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NAO Catalog - Women, Country

Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
31G/M Woman with Jug
[Seated Shepherdess]

Sculptor: Fulgencio García
1983 $78.50 $135-$165
The multiple names on this piece are a good example of how often the manufacturer changes model names!
35G/M Girl with Jugs

Sculptor: García
1991 $115 $150-$175
15 3/4"/40 cm. This model is remarkably similar to the rare model #369.13 in the regular Lladó collection but for the posture of the arms in the two models to accommodate the varying items being held by the girl in one model vs. the other. A variant model features tiny floral decoration on the white apron. A third variant and uncatalogued NAO model has recently been observed in which the girl is carrying a basket in her left hand and a horizontally tipped water jar on her head. (See second item listed in Country Women - Uncatalogued. Note that this uncatalogued model has nothing in her right hand, either because this variant was made with the hand empty or because an element is missing from this particular example of that model. The set of the arms in the variant is the same as that in the #369.13 model from the core collection.)
37G/M Shepherdess

Sculptor: García
1983 $115 $125-$135
This model appears also to have been made, with pigs ranged around the woman's feet, as NAO #L041, "Girl with Herd of Pigs" (see Kids & Animals).
89G/M Girl with Wheat

Sculptor: García
1986 $60 $175-$200
115G/M Girl from the Fountain

Sculptor: Antonio Ruiz
M-1991, G-1998 $245 $250-$265
136G/M Girl at the Fountain

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
M-1991, G-1998 $150 $150-$200
143G/M Love Notes
[Reading and Rest]

Sculptor: Probably Fulgencio García
1982 $85 $150-$175
178 G/M Talking
[Friendly Chat]

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
M-1991, G-2000 $450 $450-$475
178 [Gres] Talking

Sculptor: Catalá
2000 $590 $500-$600
Same model as above but in Gres
316G Blue Mood
[Girl with Flagon]

Sculptor: José Roig
1986 $75 $150-$200
10 1/2"/27 cm
376G Woman with Wheat

Sculptor: José Puche
1998 $190 $200-$225
15 1/4"/39 cm.
376 [Gres] Woman with Wheat

Sculptor: Puche
1998 $250 $265-$275
Same model as above but in Gres.
433G Water Carrier

Sculptor: Regino Torrijos
1988 $140 $150-$175
11 1/2"/29 cm
765G/M Thirsty
[Meditative Girl]

Sculptor: José Roig
1988 $105 $200-$225
13"/33 cm
1301G First Harvest

Sculptor: Miguel Antonio Santaeulalia
2000 $160 $150-$175
2025 [Gres] Woman with Wheat

Sculptor: José Puche
Issued 2016 $260 N/A See official NAO web site. An inexplicable re-issue of long-retired model #376, which was made in both the regular porcelain formula and also in Gres. The company is also calling this later item "Gres" (and pricing it accordingly!), but it has an entirely different color palette from the original Gres.
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