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A Collector's Book of Retired Lladró

Genuine Figurines & Their Marks

by Peggy Whiteneck
Deals with all Lladró brands!

For those interested in glass figurines, Fenton Art Glass Beasts, Birds & Butterflies is another of Peggy's books!

Also for those interested in glass, Fenton Art Glass Fairy Lamps & Lights is Peggy's latest book! It focuses on small, candle-lit "lamps" that were first used in the Victorian era to light dark hallways before the invention of gaslight or electricity.

Again, the publisher for these works has gone out of business, but I am pursuing other publishing options for revised and expanded editions of all three. Stay tuned! In the meantime, you can still find advance-ordered and used copies of these books at online booksellers.

Notice to eBay™ Auction Sellers (et al.)

This web site is copyrighted, so please do not "cut and paste" from this site into your online auction descriptions - nor otherwise plagiarize my work! (Yes, it should go without saying; too bad I've had to discover it doesn't.)

El Portal Porcelana Now Search Enabled!

Search for
Users can now search for individual items by title name or by number. (Search result links will open in a separate window.) To search by model name, simply place the title in quotes - for example, "Boy, Big Hat." That will bring you to a page displaying a link for the catalog page on which that model appears. If you know that item's number but not its name, simply type in 182G (with no brand prefix, but make sure you use the G for NAO porcelain items made in the regular porcelain formula).

Troubleshooting notes:
  • The search by model name will not work if there is more than one word in the title unless you place the name in quotes.
  • The model number search will not work if you place a number sign, brand name, or any other prefix before the number.
  • For non-Gres NAO, the number search will also not bring you to a catalog page if you do not use the G suffix immediately after the number. (Some items are catalog listed with a G/M suffix, but typing just a G will bring you to those as well.)
  • The letter suffix is not required for model numbers in NAO Gres.

If you do not know the name or catalog number of your piece, simply scroll to the thematic catalog links below to browse for your figurine/ornament.

NAO Catalog

-© Peggy Whiteneck

Catalog last updated 2/15/14

I've just finished updating the NAO catalog on El Portal Porcelana to include not only the newest releases but also the names of the sculptors for each item listed in the catalog. I've also updated my estimated values on individual items. Those of you who have been following this site for awhile will note that, in many cases, this has meant revising values downward from where they were when I originally launched this catalog. The collectibles market has been "soft" for more than a decade now (which is not to say it won't heat up later!), and, in the current economy, I just don't think the market will support prices on recent-issue NAO that rival those for Lladró's regular collection. The most valuable items on the secondary market include, as always, the oldest NAO items that are the most difficult to find as well as popular themes such as animals and clown models.

Estimated values are not an exact science, and, in any case, it is not my job to "set" secondary market prices, so that is far from my intention. The market will do its own shaking out. I am merely giving it my best guess as to what a model might bring when all the stars align well for any given sale. That does not mean every private collector sale would be able to achieve these estimated values.

Special thanks to collector Monica Stewart (RIP) for her stalwart and invaluable assistance in proof-reading the NAO catalog pages and for her generosity in sharing many pictures from her own collection! Monica died suddenly in 2005, and I miss her greatly. I will always be grateful to her for her selfless mentoring of this NAO cataloguing effort. Thanks also to collectors Teresa Schmitt, Robert (Gene) Woods, Franne Stroblas, Barbara Fredrick, Colin Warwicker, Cindy Johns, Sue Ewen, Linda Zimliki, Tamra Tamaugsburger, Cathern James, Nick Lockie, Sharon Swift, Nigel Gayner, Tracy Maughan, Anette Schier, Kevin Goult, Brenton Roneberg, Jöelle Ley, Anette Schier, Debbie Brooks, Dave Nathanson, Kitty Phillips, and Carol Ewer, Shalene Hodder, Stephen Rowell, Teresa Bennett, Jose Juan Nadal Cuesta, Alexey Bushuev, and Jorge Luis Gonzalez AAA, Certified Appraiser, for their photo and information contributions to this catalog. We're continually adding pictures to this and the other catalogs on the site, so stay tuned, and have fun!

Items in this catalog preceded by the letter "L" were very early items in the NAO collection and can often be found interspersed with other Lladró models in retail catalogs from the late 1960s; these models are also the ones most likely to be found with old, impressed "Lladró" marks as well as old, impressed "NAO" marks.

The letters G or M after the catalog numbers stand for "glazed" or "matte" respectively. The combination G/M indicates the item is known to have been made in both glazed and matte. Items made in the distinctive Gres formula are indicated with the full word "Gres" after the catalog number (with the exception of items already consolidated on the Gres catalog pages). Readers will note some deliberate duplication in the listings to accommodate collectors who may be looking for an item under more than one category. I'll be adding other thumbnail pix of retired items as I get them. "El Portal Porcelana" is a collector information web site and is not in any way affiliated with or authorized by the corporate entities known as Lladró or NAO.

Please Note: This is an information web site ONLY. While I very much welcome email contacts from serious collectors or just those wanting more information on Spanish porcelain, please do not contact me asking for sales or acquisition assistance, as those areas are not my bailiwick.

No portion of this catalog may be reproduced or distributed in any print or electronic venue or for other public consumption without the express permission of Peggy Whiteneck.

Catalog Index

Animals - Cats & Dogs (p. 1)    (p. 2)    (p. 3)    (Uncat.)
Animals - Rabbits & Farm Animals (p. 1)    (Uncat.)
Animals - Other (p.1)    (Uncat.)
Animals - Caricatures
Birds and Butterflies (p. 1)    (p. 2)    (Uncat.)
Clowns & Jesters
Dancers, Harlequins, & Pierrots (p. 1)    (Uncat.)
Decorative Items (Non-Figurine)
Ethnic Themes - Asian & Other Ethnic Themes
Ethnic Themes - Spanish/Latino (p. 1)    (Uncat.)
Family Groupings (p. 1)    (Uncat)
Fantasy Themes
Gres Figurines (p. 1)    (p. 2)    (Uncat)
Kids in Couples
Kids in Sleepwear (p. 1)    (p. 2)    (p. 3)
Kids with Animals (p. 1)    (p. 2)    (p. 3)    (p. 4)    (Uncat.)
Kids with Birds or Butterflies (p. 1)    (p. 2)    (Uncat)
Kids with Fruits or Flowers
Kids with Musical Instruments (p. 1)    (Uncat.)
Kids with Their Toys (p. 1)     (p. 2)    (Uncat)
Kids, Babies
Kids, Miscellaneous Girls (p. 1)    (p. 2)    (p. 3)
Kids, Miscellaneous Boys (p. 1)    (Uncat.)
Lamps (p. 1)    (Uncat)
Matrimonial & Romance (p. 1)    (Uncat.)
Nativity & Christmas Themes
Religious Themes (p. 1)    (Uncat.)
Sports & Career Themes (p. 1)    (Uncat.)
Women with Animals, Birds, Butterflies, or Flowers
Women with Fans or Parasols
Women, Country (p. 1)    (Uncat.)
Women, Miscellaneous (p. 1)    (p. 2)    (Uncat.)
A Note About Unidentified NAO Items

At Last - A New Lladró Book!

The Lladró Guide; A Collector's Reference to Retired Porcelain Figurines in Lladró Brands

My most recent Lladró book has revised and expanded content and remains the only book in print on this topic that isn't just a catalog. Covers all Lladró and Lladró-affiliated brands (regular collection, NAO, Zaphir, Golden Memories, Hispania, Rosal, and Tang) and tells how to distinguish them from imitations and counterfeits. Revised and expanded content includes many new photos and a new chapter on future directions for collectors and the company now that it has passed from family hands. The book is in hard cover, which eliminates that annoying curl-up that happens with paperback books. You can order the book directly from the publisher, Schiffer Books, on Amazon, or from your favorite bookstore using the ISBN 13 number 978-0764358395.

Warning: If you're looking for a catalog of every retired figurine Lladró ever made, this is not the book for you. If you're looking for beautiful, full-color photos of representative models and more in-depth and well-researched information about Lladró and its history and production than you can get in thumbnail photos with captions, this book is what you're looking for.

Retail Price in Hardcover: $45

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