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Valencian and Other Spanish or Latino Themes

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Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
118G Peruvian Shepherd Boy [Little Shepherd of the Andes]

Sculptor Unknown
Unknown [issued 1974] Unknown $125-$150
201G/M Valencian Lady

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1986 $185 $225-$250
240G/M Gypsy Dancer

Sculptor: Martinez
M-1991, G-2000 $225 $235-$250
260G/M Valencian Couple

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1988 $250 $275-$300
300G Gypsy Group

Sculptor: José Roig
2010 $215 lasst retail $200-$225 Boy and girl dancer, she bent forward in dress with double ruffles at hem and cuffs and wearing flowers and comb, he in suit with hat
305G Don Quixote Reading

Sculptor: Salvador Furió
Issued 1992, retired 2011-12 $209 last retail $215-$235 Quixote standing with sword in right hand, pointed atop right foot, open book in other hand.
327 [Gres] Valencian Lady

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1984 $140 $250-$300 Gres model of Valencian woman in lace mantilla and traditional costume, left hand raised to neckline
329 [Gres] Woman from Cordoba

Sculptor: Martinez
1984 $150 $250-$300
15 3/4"/40 cm
359G Chiquita [Mexican Girl]

Sculptor: José Puche
1988 $85 $125-$135
11"/28 cm
360G Pablo [Mexican Boy]

Sculptor: Puche
1988 $85 $125-$135
10 1/2"/27 cm
390G A Vision of Don Quixote

Sculptor: Salvador Furió
1999 $130 $150-$175
390 [Gres] A Vision of Don Quixote

Sculptor: Furió
2000 $170 $175-$200
Same model as above but in Gres
418G/M Flamenco

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
M-1991, G-2011-12 $140 last retail $145-$165 Girl in white, sleeveless dance dress with blue polka dots and 5 layers of blue ruffles at hem, hands behind back in dance pose
465G Hiding the Flowers

Sculptor: Antonio Ramos
1991 $200 $225-$250
466 [Gres] Paraguayan Indian

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1986 $95 $175-$225
481G/M Andean Farm Girl

Sculptor: Antonio Ramos
1988 $110 $150-$165
482G/M Girl from Peru

Sculptor: Ramos
1988 $100 $150-$165
636G/M Quixote

Sculptor: probably Salvador Furió, who did NAO's other Quixote models
M-1991, G-2001 $630 $630-$650
Also made as Zaphir (see Zaphir catalog)..
697G Valencian Girl

Sculptor: Jose Roig
1991 $160 $175-$200
Also made as Zaphir.
747G Señorita

Sculptor: Salvador Debón
1991 $105 $125-$135
Also made as Zaphir.
1173G Charting the Course
[Colon Planifando]

Sculptor Unknown (style is very much Furió's)
1995 $220 $235-$250
Model of Christopher Columbus seated with chart in lap
1174G Traditional Dance

Sculptor: José Luis Alvarez
1996 $535 $550-$600
16"/41 cm
1182G Sevillana

Sculptor: Joan Coderch
2001 $175 $175-$185
1235G Putting the Shoe On

Sculptor: Rafael Lozano
1998 $145 $150-$175
1236G Bouquet for the Offering

Sculptor: Lozano
1998 $150 $150-$165
1237G Tying Up the Apron

Sculptor: Lozano
2001 $115 $125-$135
1238G Together to the Offering

Sculptor: Lozano
2001 $195 $200-$225
1256G No, They're Wind Mills! [Sancho Panza]

Sculptor: Lozano
2000 $170 $175-$195
1258G They're Giants! [Don Quixote]

Sculptor: Lozano
2000 $420 $425-$435
22 1/2"/ 56 cm
1449G "El Duende"

Sculptor: Raul Rubio
Issued 2003 $119 current retail N/A See official NAO web site
Male Flamenco dancer or bull fighter in short vest and tight pants.
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