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NAO Women, Miscellaneous - Uncatalogued

Generic Name Description Est. Value Thumbnail
[Head of Woman with Scarf] Head of a young woman wearing a scarf with painted floral decoration. Very similar in style to several of the women's head figurines made in the regular Lladró line. Impressed NAO mark. $300-$350 N/A
[Bust of Woman with Flower] Head, shoulders, and hand of woman holding flower. First brown backstamp (NAO, Made in Spain, no logo or copyright). $200-$250
[Marie Antoinette] For a NAO, this model is unusual both in theme and execution. It features a woman in pre-Revolution French costume and hairdo. The clothing is made of porcelain-dipped lace (which, when fired in the kiln, burns away the lace and leaves only the porcelain). This technique, first developed by the Meissen company and often found on Meissen and other German Dresden porcelain ornaments, was sometimes used in the regular Lladró collection but is expensive to make and doesn't wear well in shipping. Consequently, lace damage is common, as it is in this example (note the missing cuff on the right sleeve). Early impressed NAO mark. $150-$175
[Maid] Girl in ruffled apron and kerchief with feather duster in back pocket and pushing a carpet sweeper. Has first NSO babrown backstamp without logo. (Photo courtesy of Shalene Hodder.) $75-$100
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