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NAO Catalog - Miscellaneous Kids, Girls, p. 2

Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
469G/M Little Lady

Sculptor: Regino Torrijos
1991 $150 $175-$200
8 1/2"/22 cm
470G/M Winter Winds

Sculptor: Torrijos
1988 $150 $175-$200
10"/25 cm
471G/M Coquette

Sculptor: Torrijos
M-1991, G-2001 $195 $200-$225 (G), $225-$235 (M)
479G/M Tying My Shoe

Sculptor: José Roig
M-1991, G-1998 $130 $145-$160
480G/M Thinkin'

Sculptor: Roig
M-1991, G-1998 $100 $115-$125
484G/M Christmas Time

Sculptor: Antonio Ramos
M-1991, G-2000 $195 $200-$215
493G/M Country Maiden

Sculptor: Regino Torrijos
M-1991, G-2004 $175 $175-$185
Also made as Golden Memories #33041 (see GM catalog).
494G/M Farm Girl

Sculptor: Torrijos
M-1991, G-1998 $150 $175-$185
Also made as Golden Memories #33042 (see GM catalog).
723G/M Startled

Sculptor: Salvador Debón
M-1991, G-1996 $60 $65-$75
Also made as Zaphir.
1036G Ready for an Excursion

Sculptor: Antonio Ramos
2006 $75 $75-$95 Curly-haired girl with knit cap and blue winter jacket and boots, standing next to knapsack held at her side. Also made as Golden Memories #33008 (see GM catalog).
1071G A Special Occasion

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1997 $105 $125-$150
1095G Off to Market

Sculptor: Antonio Ramos
2004 $75 $75-$100
Also made as Golden Memories #33024 (see GM catalog).
1116G Wishful Thinking

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1999 $55 $60-$65
1120G Constance

Sculptor: Martinez
2001 $55 $60-$65
1121G Too Cute!

Sculptor: Martinez
2008 $55 $60-$65 Girl in long blue skirt, white blouse, blue hat, holding purse in front of her.
1126G April Showers

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
Issued 1992 $89 current retail N/A See official NAO web site
Little girl in white bloomers with white, sleeveless, dress and wearing hat with broad ribbed brim, closed parasol resting on tip at her side
1130G Weary Shopper

Sculptor: Francisco Polope
1996 $90 $100-$125
1137G Look What I Made!

Sculptor: Polope
1996 $85 $100-$125
1159G Bunny Dreams

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1995 Unknown $125-$135
1206G The Outing

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1997 $105 $125-$135

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