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NAO Catalog - Kids, Miscellaneous Girls, p. 1

Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
105G/M My Aching Feet [Tired Girl]

Sculptor: José Roig
1988 $90 $125-$150
137G/M Spilt Milk

Sculptor: Roig
M-1991, G-1996 $125 $135-$150
186G/M Wash Day

Sculptor: Salvador Furió
M-1991, G-1996 $120 $125-$135
202G/M Ready to Go [On the Road]

Sculptor: José Roig
1986 $105 $135-$150
206G Gathering Pumpkins

Sculptor Unknown
1986 $157.50 $175-$200
223G Girl with Broken Jar
[Oh, My Goodness!]

Sculptor Unknown
1998 $170 $175-$195
223 Gres Girl with Broken Jar
[Oh, My Goodness!]

Sculptor Unknown
1998 $260 $265-$275
Same model as above but in Gres.
237G/M Gathering Eggs

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
M-1991, G-1996 $115 $125-$150
246G/M Tutoring [Girl with Book]

Sculptor: José Roig
1986 $45 $95-$100
274G/M Graceful [Girl from Mojarca]

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
M-1981, G-1988 $130 $150-$165
11 3/4"/30 cm
275G/M Coquette [Girl from Madrid]

Sculptor: Catalá
1988 $100 $125-$150
285G "Annie" [Happy Smile]

Sculptor: Catalá
1982 $105 $135-$150
Interesting model whose name suggests this curly-headed, Shirley-Temple-esque tot may have been modeled on the "Little Orphan Annie" character.
301G Girl with Braids [Spanish: Girl with Baskets]

Sculptor: Catalá
1984 $82 $125-$135
311G Daydreams [Girl Dreaming]

Sculptor: José Puche
1988 $100 $135-$150
315G Waiting for My Love
[Girl by the Sea]

Sculptor: Salvador Debón
1990 $100 $135-$150
323G Melissa [Surprised Girl]

Sculptor: Debón
1988 $75 $100-$125 Little girl in knee-length dress with pink skirt, blue and white bodice with puffy sleeves and ruffled collar. Left foot forward, right hand raised.
326G/M Country Lass [Country Girl]

Sculptor: Debón
1988 $90 $125-$135
353G At Ease

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1990 $55 $75-$100
355G Sunday Best
[Girl with Curly Hair]

Sculptor: Salvador Furió
1988 $55 $100-$110
11"/28 cm
356G Lonely Lass
[Girl with Bundle]

Sculptor: José Puche
1988 $55 $75-$100
357G Oh My!

Sculptor Unknown
1988 $50 $75-$100
374G I Have a Date
[Girl with Straw Hat]

Sculptor: Juan Huerta
1991 $65 $100-$110
11"/28 cm
402G Demure

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1998 $95 $125-$135
410G Tending My Garden

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1988 $170 $200-$225
464G In the Vineyard

Sculptor: Martinez
1988 $190 $225-$235
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