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NAO Catalog - Kids, Miscellaneous Boys

Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
38G/M Shepherd

Sculptor: Fulgencio García
1985 $75 $100-$125
10 1/4"/26 cm. See uncatalaogued variant pictured below.
38G Variant Shepherd

Sculptor: García
Unknown Unknown $175-$200
This is an uncatalogued variant of the model above. While there are lambs and a dog on the base here, shocks of grass occupy that space in the catalogued model.
132G/M Newsboy

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
M-1991, G-1997 $205 $215-$225
176G/M Young Reader

Sculptor: Antonio Ruiz
Unknown Unknown $150-$175 Young boy in old elongated Lladró style leans against a tree trunk and holding open book vertically on his right thigh.
184G/M Shoeshine Boy

Sculptor: Salvador Furió
M-1991, G-1997 $170 $185-$200
187G/M Cabin Boy

Sculptor: Furió
1991 $85 $100-$125
247G/M Learning
[Boy Resting]

Sculptor: José Roig
1982 $42 $75-$100
272G/M Going to Market
[Boy with Pumpkin]

Sculptor: Julio Fernandez
1984 $127.50 $175-$225
570G/M Potato Farmer
[Little Farmer]

Sculptor Unknown
1984 $72 $100-$125
Also made as Zaphir (see Zaphir catalog).
733G Aristotle

Sculptor: Fulgencio García
1984 $92 $135-$150
Also made as Zaphir. This model also appears to be identical to the Lladró core collection model #342.13, "Greek Shepherd."
759G On My Way
[Shepherd with Fruits]

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1984 $60 $75-$100
Boy carries sack slung over shoulder.
1131G Birthday Boy

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1997 $90 $100-$125
Also made as Golden Memories #33032 (see GM catalog).
1227G Results

Sculptor: Rafael Lozano
1997 $95 $100-$125
1246G Young Ivanhoe

Sculptor: Lozano
2001 $160 $165-$185
1403G My First Class

Sculptor: Lozano
2006 $95 N/A Little boy seated at school desk, elbows on top of desk and chin in hands. (See also companion piece #1404 under Miscellaneous Girls.)
1412G Whispering Waves

Sculptor: Lozano
2004 $90 $95-$100
1630G Graduate Celebration

Sculptor: Eva Maria Cuerva
Issued 2008 $145 current retail $N/A See official NAO web site.
Boy graduate in cap and gown and wearing purple honor stole.
1635G Graduate Celebration

Sculptor: Eva Maria Cuerva
Issued 2008 $145 current retail $N/A See official NAO web site.
Same as #1630 with Black graduate.
1740G Love is...Him

Sculptor: José Javier Malavia
Issued 20012 $90 current retail $N/A See official NAO web site.
Slightly stylized model of a ding-toed little boy in a white short-sleeved jersey and baggy blue pants, head cocked shyly to the side as he holds a bouquet of molded flowers behind his back.
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