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NAO Catalog - Gres Figurines, p. 1

(See also Nativity & Christmas Themes.)

Gres models of NAO items are very difficult to find on the secondary market. They were expensive to make and, consequently, expensive to buy. Because this routinely placed them beyond what were considered the ideal "price points" for NAO retail sales, with prices rivaling those for items in the regular Lladró collection, the company ceased producing Gres figurines in the NAO brand, retiring the last of them in 2000.

Then, in 2011, NAO suddenly began producing Gres or Gres-like figures again, often at the same price points as the regular porcelain models. However, the price points for NAO made only in Gres remain high, and it remains to be seen whether the secondary market will support prices on recently retired NAO that rival those for the core Lladró brand, particularly since the secondary market for Lladró is considerably softer now than it was in the collectible heydays of the 1980s and early 90s. In a soft market, the more expensive an item is at retail, the more collectors will be inclined to look for a price break below retail on the secondary market. Estimating values on recently retired NAO Gres is particularly challenging because the high price points (bearing down on secpndary market values) are also leveraged against the relative scarcity of Gres models in this brand (buoying prices up). As with all Lladró products, the highest secondary market prices tend to be reserved to those items earliest retired/longest off the retail market.

Several early Gres items were also made, under the same catalog number, in the regular porcelain formula, and those items are signified, in their respective theme sections in the catalog, as having been made in both. The only items included in this Gres section of the catalog will be those items produced in Gres only or those produced as regular porcelain models but with an entirely different catalog number.

One of the particular advantages of the Gres formula is that it allows for the production of larger figurines than is generally possible with regular porcelain, with item heights routinely topping 12" or more.
Ser. # Name of Item Ret. Date Last Retail Est. Value Thumbnail
327 Valencian Lady

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1984 $140 $200-$225 Gres model of Valencian woman in lace mantilla and traditional costume, left hand raised to neckline;
13 3/4"/35 cm
328 Dutch Girl [Olga]

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1984 $150 $200-$225 Tall (15"/ 38 1/2 cm) model of Dutch woman, traditional cap and costume, holding bouquet of pink tulips
329 Woman from Cordoba

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1984 $150 $175-$200
15 3/4"/40 cm
330 [Gres] Girl and Cat

Sculptor: Salvador Debón
1983 Unknown $200-$225
331 Mary's Little Lamb

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1984 $160 $175-$195 Little Girl with veil or kerchief over head, shawl around shoulders, seated with hand on reclining lamb.
332 Madonna and Child

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1986 $120 $150-$175
333 Stay, Rover [Boy Caressing a Dog]

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1984 $145 $150-$175
334 Spinning a Salty Yarn [Old Sailor]

Sculptor: Salvador Furió
1984 $140 $175-$200
335 Bitter Wind [Freezing Wind]

Sculptor: José Puche
1985 $85 $125-$150
336 Boy from Peking [Lin-Nao]

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1984 $70 $125-$150
11"/30 cm
337 Watering the Flowers [Girl Holding Plant]

Sculptor: José Puche
1984 $95 $135-$150 Little girl in long pink skirt and wearing apron and bonnet carries potted flower in arms, with watering can looped on her right elbow.
338 Once Upon a Time

Sculptor: Salvador Furió
1984 $170 $200-$250 Model of seated mother in old fashioned dress and short veil, sitting with naked baby on lap, facing her
339 Daddy's Favorite Chair

Sculptor: José Puche
1986 $160 $175-$200
340 Dressed Up Lady

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1984 Unknown $125-$150 Somewhat haughty looking high-class lady dressed in long, pleated skirt, elegant jacket, and feathered hat with hands in fur muff.
341 Sunday Stroll [Girl Holding Dog and Hat]

Sculptor: Salvador Debón
1984 $140 $250-$300 Girl with pink skirt and blue top, white bow in hair, wearing gloves, holding lacy hat in right hand in front of her, holding small dog on her left hip;
15"/38 1/2 cm
342 Blessing the Harvest [Madonna with Wheat]

Sculptor: Debón
1984 $160 $250-$325 Model of Virgin Mary wearing dark pink robe with stripe at hem, standing on low pedestal and holding unidentified object;
16"/41 cm
343 Elegant Lady

Sculptor: Debón
Unknown Unknown $125-$150 Sophisticated young woman in hat and wearing blue wrap over long dress, white muff held vertically in front of her
344 Harvest Time [Girl Collecting Wheat]

Sculptor: José Puche
1984 $125 $175-$200
12 1/2"/32 cm
347 Country Woman

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
2000 $390 $350-$400
406 Antillean Woman

Sculptor: Martinez
1997 $510 $500-$525
425 Island Beauty

Sculptor: Cipriano Vicente
2000 $215 $225-$235
426 Virgin Mary

Sculptor: Martinez
1986 $400 $425-$450 Seated Madonna in dark robes with embossed decoration, light blue veil, holding naked Christ child on lap
431 Melancholy Moment

Sculptor: Cipriano Vicente
1986 $200 $250-$300 Model of heavy-bodied nude, seated on floor, one knee raised, ankles crossed, head resting on back of hand as hand rests on her shoulder
432B Repose

Sculptor: Vicente
1986 $300 $325-$350 Heavy-bodied nude lying on stomach, leaning on her folded arms
435 Girl with Basket of Roses [Pretty Flowers]

Sculptor: Regino Torrijos
1995 Unknown $225-$250
453 On the Way to School

Sculptor: Francisco Catalá
1986 $150 $200-$250 Boy walking side by side with girl in yellow coat and white scarf carrying purse slung diagonally across her chest, her hand linked in his arm, he wearing dark coat and cap, light slacks, carrying backpack, his hands in his coat pockets
466 Paraguayan Indian

Sculptor: Vicente Martinez
1986 $95 $175-$225
467 Dutch Woman

Sculptor: Martinez
1986 $95 $175-$225
468 Japanese Man

Sculptor: Martinez
1986 $115 $175-$225ß
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