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NAO Cats & Dogs - Uncatalogued

Generic Name Description Est. Value Thumbnail
[Cat] Crouching dark gray and white cat; 7"L x 4"H. Impressed NAO mark. Shape is virtually identical to (though somewhat smaller than) the 1970 Gres model #2001 (in the regular Lladró collection), for which this older NAO made have been the model. $250-$300
[Stylized White Cat] Very elongated and stylized seated white cat with collar and out-sized jingle bell, head cocked to side, eyes closed. If you've ever seen any of the American Freeman-McFarlin pottery cats, especially the tall, seated Siamese models, you'll have some idea of the posture and style of this NAO. Impressed NAO mark. $200-$250
[Stylized Siamese Cat] Here's another stylized cat similar to the one above, but colored to look like a Siamese cat. This one looks even more like the Freeman-McFarlin cat! Impressed NAO mark. $300-$350
[Pekinese] Lladró also made another Pekinese as part of a stylized series of miniature animals (see NAO #438). This one is a more naturalistic rendering of the breed. It has a foil sticker for the mark - presumably because this item has insufficient surface on the underside to have taken the usual mark or because the mark was inadvertently omitted in the firing. ) $100-$125

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