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List of NAO 2009-10 Retirements
(As of December 31)

Originally, many of these items appeared on what I had termed the "2009 Retirements" in this list, based on the fact that they did not appear in the 2009 NAO retail catalog. However, NAO issues official retirement lists every other year. This means that, for example, for 2010 retirements, production has, for all intents and purposes, stopped the year before. Consequently, readers will note there is no retirement list on this site for 2011; the next official retirement list should come out in late 2012, at which point I'll be posting a list of 2011-12 Retirements.

It's a short list for 2009-10, with only a four older items retiring, along with a few more "Cheeky Cherubs" and items from the "Where Do Babies Come From?" series. (Those of you who are regular visitors to this web site will know I find the retirement of anything from the latter two series no great loss to the retail market!)

"Little Duck" (NAO #242) is the last of a series of four whimsical white NAO ducks to be retired. It is also one of only four older NAO items retired in 2009-10.
  • 107, "Swan"
  • 242, "Little Duck"
  • 300, "Gypsy Group"
  • 370, "Little Duck"
  • 1150, "My First Bow"
  • 1157, "Pampered Poodle"
  • 1380, "The Bird's Flight"
  • 1381, "Mother's Joy"
  • 1435, "Little Clown in Love"
  • 1466, "Bunny's Best Friend"
  • 1486, "Night-Night"
  • 1498, "Petal Pals"
  • 1518, "Pink Carnations"
  • 1536, "Potted Blooms"
  • 1537, "Golden Daisies"
  • 1544, "Summer Sunshine"
  • 1559, "Sweet Nature"
  • 1565, "Cute Companions"
  • 1567, "Finishing Touch"
  • 1583, "Bunny Melodies" [Bell]
  • 1584, "Deco Holly [Christmas Ball]
  • 1585, "Deco Snowflake" [Christmas Ball]
  • 1589, "A Dreamy Afternoon"
  • 1591, "Youthful Spirit"
  • 1607, "Deco Snowman" [Christmas Ball]
  • 1608, "Deco Santa" [Christmas Ball]
  • 1615, "In Loving Arms"
  • 5001, "Forty Winks!" [Cheeky Cherub]
  • 5004, "Giggles!" [Cheeky Cherub]
  • 5020, "From a Nut?" [Where Do Babies Come From?]
  • 5022, "From a Snail Shell? [Where Do Babies Come From?]
  • 5037, "Rising Star"
  • 5064, "Happy 21st!" [Cheeky Cherub]
  • 5068, "Off to a New Job" [Cheeky Cherub]
  • 7020, "Treasures from the Sea" [boxed set]

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