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List of NAO 2007 Retirements
(As of December 31)

A rather long list of retirements is slated for 2007, including many items issued since 2004, particularly the caricatures. Since early retirements are often a function of poor retail sales, the large number of fairly recently issued caricatures retiring this year appears to be something of a consumer referendum on the style. Sadly, the "Cheeky Cherubs" series, my own candidate for the worst tangent the NAO line has taken in recent years, is not among the retiring items - and more have been issued in 2007! [Groan!]

NAO #244, "Suspicious Duck" is part of a whimsical series of four NAO white ducks and the only one of them to be retired so far.

Nevertheless, with the exception of the Cherubs, the caricature style that I so bemoaned in my review of 2003-2005 issues is virtually absent from the catalog, and a more realistic and traditional Lladró look has returned. I particularly like the 2007 animal models and the models based on the children's series, "Winnie the Pooh." Check 'em out at the Lladró company's official NAO web site, which has recently been very much improved in its content and navigability, so I highly recommend it if you haven't visited it in a while! And, at long last, a historical catalog has been added to their site, giving the sculptors for each model - which include many of the most famous names among regular Lladró sculptors. (Remember, you first heard that here at El Portal Porcelana!)

You'll note that I am missing the retirement list for 2006 on this site. If anyone has it or knows where I can get it, I'd really appreciate it so that I can update my lists on this site accordingly.

  • 244 Suspicious Duck
  • 1035 Girl with Cello
  • 1088 Winged Friend
  • 1121 Too Cute!
  • 1275 Time for Your Bottle
  • 1310 So Shy (Lamp)
  • 1311 How Pretty! (Lamp)
  • 1424 Poor Teddy!
  • 1427 Puppy's Christmas
  • 1428 Kitty's Christmas
  • 1452 Want to Hear a Secret?
  • 1453 Don't Tell Anybody
  • 1454 Ssh, Everyone's Sleeping
  • 1457 Patches
  • 1461 A Friend for Cuddles
  • 1462 Dreamless Friends
  • 1467 A Hug of Love
  • 1477 Big Bear Hug
  • 1481 Winged Shepherd
  • 1487 Cookies
  • 1494 Grand Finale
  • 1495 I Do Tricks
  • 1496 My Little Queen
  • 1497 My Little King
  • 1505 That Tickles!
  • 1506 Drinky Time
  • 1507 Fly AWay!
  • 1508 Sweet Smells
  • 1509 Summer Beauty
  • 1511 Too Many Mince Pies
  • 1512 Stories with Grandma
  • 1513 Giggles with Grandpa
  • 1525 Kitten Dreams
  • 1526 Puppy Dreams
  • 1527 Moody Bunny
  • 1528 Grumpy Bunny
  • 1538 Top Gaz
  • 1539 Pole Position
  • 1540 Up and AWay
  • 1549 Feather Weight Champ
  • 1550 Star Striker
  • 1551 Mini Meditation
  • 1552 I Am a Rock
  • 1557 Giving It His All
  • 7023 Christmas Decorations Set

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