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List of NAO 2006 Retirements
(As of December 31)

This list has been updated as of 5/15/10.

Update note: Since first posting this list earlier this year, I have been able to download a hard copy of the 2010 NAO catalog, and several of the items several items I had concluded were retired based on what was on the official are, according to the hard copy ctalog, still in production. This means that there were several items that, as described in my process below, I had initially included in this 06 retirement list which are actually still in production. I apologize for the confusion. This 2006 list has been upated to correspond with the current hard copy catalog. Most veteran colletors will already realize that trying to figure out what's actually been retired from production in the Lladro brandsó is not a failproof enterprise! However, I am now reasonably confident that the 2006 list of retirements contained here is accurate.

I should warn readers that this list has been constructed through process of elimination. I was never ale to find an official list of NAO retirements for 2006. What I ultimately ended up doing was subtracting all the current issues (confirmed via the official NAO web site), and all the retirement lists for other years from 2004 forward (confirmed by official NAO retirement lists). What was left were items the official NAO web site says are retired but for which I had no year; these became, by default, my 2006 Retirement list. (Although the official NAO web site confirms the items have been retired, it does not give years of retirement.) For older items on the list (i.e., those with the lower model numbers), it's possible that some were retired in earlier years and either not announced by the company (which happens surprisingly often) or that I simply didn't catch them in previous upates of this web catalog.

"Girl Yawning" (NAO #561G) can now be considered as "fully retired." The glazed version ceased production in 2006, but this matte version of the same model hasn't been made since 1991, when NAO ceased production of all mattes. Collectors will note a strong resemblance of this model to the regular Lladró model #4870,"Boy Awakening." (Lladró figures of children are fairly androgynous, particularly when they're wearing the same floorlength nightshirts.) The hair style is different, though, and the extended arm is on the opposite side in the NAO version.
  • 109, "Just Married"
  • 450, "Out of the Rough"
  • 561G, "Girl Yawning" [matte version ret. 1991]
  • 1027, "Girl Running with Puppy"
  • 1028, "Girl Followed by Puppy"
  • 1029, "Girl with Sleepy Puppy"
  • 1036, "Ready for an Excursion"
  • 1054, "Wandering Minstrel"
  • 1055, "Playing Nurse"
  • 1063, "Woodland Friends" [lamp]
  • 1083, "Out for a Stroll" [lamp]
  • 1084, "Winged Friend" [lamp]
  • 1118, "Someone to Love"
  • 1119, "Becky"
  • 1122, "Double Surprise"
  • 1127, "Forever Friends"
  • 1133, "Jet Pilot"
  • 1259, "Musical Angel"
  • 1261, "Protecting Angel"
  • 1266, "Hope"
  • 1275, "Time for Your Bottle"
  • 1287, "My Lovely Lion"
  • 1298, "Dreaming on the Ice"
  • 1309, "My Rag Doll" [lamp]
  • 1363, "Beautiful Bather"
  • 1364, "Enchanted Dreams"
  • 1365, "Meadow Song"
  • 1380, "The Bird's Flight"
  • 1397, "Arctic Dreams"
  • 1403, "My First Class"
  • 1404, "My First Day"
  • 1414, "My Little Bunny Baby"
  • 1415, "My Little Moo-Cow"
  • 1421, "Grace and Poise"
  • 1422, "A Game of Balance"
  • 1435, "Little Clown in Love"
  • 1436, "Cupid"
  • 1442, "Baby's Special Day"
  • 1443, "It's for You"
  • 1445, "Jesus Loves You"
  • 1460, "Treasures from the Sea"
  • 1468, "Will He Like Me?"
  • 1469, "Cupid the Frog"
  • 1470, "You Are So Kind"
  • 1473, "My Little Bumble Baby"
  • 1474, "My Little Turtle Baby"
  • 1475, "My Little Snail Baby"
  • 1488, "Little Bye-Bye"
  • 1489, "Little Hush"
  • 1490, "Little Cuddle"
  • 1491, "Little Kiss"
  • 1500, "Our First Kiss"
  • 1502, "Please Say Yes"
  • 5043-5048, "Flick and Flack" Series of Animal Caricatures
  • 7035, "Jeepers Creepers" [set of 3]
  • 7101-7112, "Birthday Star Collection" [12]

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