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List of NAO 2005 Retirements
(As of December 31)

Left to right, the appealing models NAO #385, "Wake Up!" and NAO #386, "Tireless Puppies" are among the retirements that were announced for 2005.

One of the things that will be immediately obvious is that this is a retirement "short list" compared to last year's!

  • 241 Sweet Girl
  • 385 Wake Up!
  • 386 Tireless Puppies [AKA "Twerp and Mikie"]
  • 419 Flowers from My Garden
  • 495 My Bouquet
  • 1004 How About Me?
  • 1078 Strumming
  • 1265 Grace
  • 1320 Breakfast in Bed
  • 1362 It's a Picnic
  • 1379 Ready for fun!
  • 1382 On the Town
  • 1383 Birthday Wishes
  • 1391 Caught in the Breeze
  • 5006 I'm in Love
  • 5007 Down Hill!
  • 5009 Brush Up
  • 5010 Surprise!

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