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Items Known to Have Been Produced under Both Marks: Lladró and/or NAO

- © Peggy Whiteneck

However the evolution came about, there is growing evidence of an intimate historical connection between items marked with the Lladró name and those marked with the name NAO. (In fact, I've recently discovered, through authorized sources at company offices in Spain, that some of the most famous and esteemed of the core collection sculptors also sculpted the NAO models.)

One of a set of five Art-Deco-style doves that can occasionally be found with Lladró marks. These models actually went into distribution as NAO production #s59 through 63. Individual NAO models in the series were variously retired between the years 1984 and 1991. The very recent discovery of such "cloning" has called into question older pricing on the Lladró marked models, as these pricing strategies were established before anyone knew that such items had gone into production in the NAO line. (Photo by the author from her own collection.)

Not surprisingly, then, a number of models have been found to have identical examples produced in both brands. (In one case, both marks were found on the same item!) In some cases, regular collection marked items went into actual production and cataloguing as NAO; in other cases, NAO-marked models went into production and cataloguing as regular collection pieces. In at least one case (the items in the famous "Kids in Nightshirts" series popularized in the core collection - and not to be confused with an entirely different set on a similar theme that was done in NAO in addition to the set later made in the core collection), they were made in both lines sequentially.

A curious fact is that, on all the core collection models that have been found to have NAO twins, Fulgencio García, who died in 1994, is the core collection sculptor of record. I have recently discovered (through a source at the company) that Fulgencio García - among other well-known older core collection sculptors - was also the sculptor of record for several of the early NAO models, including the "Goose" and "Dog" items listed in the table below under "NAO w/Lladró marks." I believe the implication here is pretty clear: The completely separate design resources for the two collections that some have long insisted were the case were evidently not the case, at least not early in the company's history. (One would love to have been a fly on the wall to have been privy to this early history and exactly how it evolved - and which brand name came first!)

An uncatalogued figure of a polar bear seated on an ice floe, muzzle raised inquisitively into the air (pictured at right), has also been found both in versions with impressed NAO mark and with impressed Lladró mark. I happen to have a NAO-marked version (plus an unmarked version) of this model in my own collection and can testify to the equisite modeling of the animal's fur and musculature. Recently, a collector sent me a picture of the identical model and its base, which had an impressed Rosal mark. This particular model is very similar in style to the rare core collection polar bear numbered 328.13, also recently found with a NAO mark. Moreover, I'd bet money that this bear (sans ice floe) was the model for the "Crystal Bear, Head Up," #C4502, which the famous French glass company, Daum Nancy, made in 1983 as part of a series of models for which Lladró supplied the designs.

Incidentally, all of the old decimal-point-numbered polar bear models from the mid 1960s were used as models for the frosted and clear crystal polar bears that Lladró modeled for the famous French art glass company Daum Nancy in 1983. As it happens, so, apparently, was the bear from the one pictured here; I'd lay money the bear pictured here was the model for the "Frosted Crystal Bea, Nose Up," #C4502.

Then there is the curious case of "Profound Contemplation," Lladró #4556 (also made in slightly different colors as "Musical Contemplation," #4557). Lladró often spins off individual items of groupings as separate figurines, and that appears to have been the case here, with each of the ballerinas (the standing and the reclining) having been made as separate figurines, usually found with impressed marks. These separated models have also been found with impressed NAO marks. The same process appears to have occurred with what was catalogued as #4560, "Pensive Pierrot" in the core collection - which happens to feature the same reclining ballerina as found in the other two groupings, 4556 and 4557. The stand-alone pierrot with mandolin from this 4560 grouping has also been found, with old, impressed NAO marks - and, given the history of "Profound Contemplation," is likely to be found at some point with old, impressed Lladró mark as well.

At left, one of the separate ballerina models, never catalogued, that were spun off from Lladró's grouping #4556, "Profound Contemplation." Also found with impressed NAO marks. Approximate value: $300-$350 - with either mark. At right, single pierrot from "Pensive Pierrot" grouping (#4560), also never catalogued, and also worth about $300-$350 with either mark.

Finally, it should be noted that this "cloning" phenomenon extended to the Zaphir brand as well. In addition to the Zaphir models that were later made as NAO, a few items have been found where Lladró core collection items were also made with Zaphir marks, and in at least two cases, the models were, at one time or another, made in each of the three brands! Click on the link for more on the Zaphir clones.

Here, then, for the record, is the list (in the table below) of models that I know to have been made in both brand marks. I have "vetted" this list to the extent that I include in it only items that I have actually seen with both marks or of which I have seen photographs along with photographs of their respective marks. There is nothing in the list that I have not confirmed to my own satisfaction. It is likely that more examples will continue to surface.

(and Vice Versa)
    Lladró w/NAO Marks
  • Sm. Warrior Boot,
    unkn #(1)
  • Low-Top Jester's Shoe, unkn #(1)
  • Cocker-Type Dog w/Snail, unkn #
  • Boy w/Football, unkn#
  • Rabbit Scratching, 278.12
  • Rabbit Couple, 279.12
  • Ostriches, 297.13
  • Romantic Couple, 304.13
  • Hunting Dog, 308.13G
  • Rabbit Standing, 309.13
  • Polar Bear, 328.13
  • Boot [cowboy], 332.13
  • Greek Shepherd, 342.13G
  • Gr. Shepherdess, 343.13G
  • Long Rabbit, 352.13
  • Girl with Lamb, 4505
  • Shepherd w/Goat, 4506
  • Boy with Lambs, 4509
  • Diana, 4514
  • Boy Student, 4517
  • Girl Student, 4518
  • Flamenco Dancers, 4519
  • Couple with Parasol, 4563
  • Girl with Cockerel, 4591
  • Small Floral Vase, 4710
  • Girl with Lantern, 4910
  • Spring Vase, 4723
  • Girl with Goat, 4756
  • Girl w/ Goose and Dog, 4866
  • Seesaw, 4867
  • Girl with Candle, 4868*
  • Boy Blowing, 4869
  • Boy Awakening, 4870
  • Girl with Guitar, 4871
  • Girl Stretching, 4872
  • Girl Kissing, 4873
  • The Jug Carrier, 4875

    (1) A total of nine of these shoe models, in various styles, were produced, as pictured in a very early Lladró catalog and identified there as model numbers L75 through L83. It is believed that every one of them will be found with either incised mark (Lladró or NAO).

    (2) In the core collection, this famous set of "Kids in Nightshirts" wasn't produced until 1974. They appear in NAO production catalogs earlier than that, so I believe they were made and actually marketed in the NAO collection first, then retired from production there around 1973 or 1974 before being placed into production as "core collection" items.
    NAO w/Lladró Marks
  • Angel with Lyre, NAO#0014 *
  • Cranes, NAO#0045
  • Goose, NAO#052
  • Goose, NAO#053
  • Dog, NAO#0057
  • Dog, NAO#0058
  • Dove, NAO#0063**
  • Girl with Goose, NAO#0114
  • Playing in the Park, NAO#128

    An example of an uncatalogued "Dog with Snail" that can be found with either mark.

    * This particular item was seen with both Lladró and NAO marks on the same item!

    ** This was one of a series of 5 NAO doves, at least three of which have been found with old Lladró marks; it is likely that all 5 will eventually be found to have been made in both brands.

(NAO Marks)

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Retail Price in Hardcover: $45

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