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Golden Memories Catalog - Kids with Their Toys

Ser. # Name of Item Issue Date Last Retail Thumbnail
33012 Come Home Soon! 1992 $65
Also made as NAO #1044 (see NAO catalog page).
33016 Toy Train Express 1992 $85 Little boy seated cross-legged on floor and playing with toy train. Also made as NAO #1052 (see NAO catalog page).
33017 My Little Patient 1992 $95 Little girl in play nurse cap and seated in stuffed chair, holding doll. Also made as NAO #1055, still in production (see NAO catalog page).
33018 Soccer Time 1992 $60 Little boy with soccer ball under arm. Also made as NAO #1068, still being produced (see NAO catalog page).
33025 Nite-Nite 1992 $65 Little girl holding doll vertically in front of her and nuzzled to cheek. Also made as NAO #1107 (see NAO catalog page).
33026 Sharing Stories 1992 $65
The title on this item is somewhat puzzling, but it is the title from the original box, whose label also contains a picture of this item. Also made as NAO #1108, "My Rag Doll" (see NAO catalog page).
33030 Lullaby 1992 $85
Also made as NAO #1129 (see NAO catalog page).
33033 Dreams of Flight 1992 $85
Also made as NAO #1133 (see NAO catalog page).
33037 Off to Dreamland 1992 $75 Little boy in pjs, rubbing eyes, holding teddy by one paw. Also made as NAO #1139 (see NAO catalog page).
33038 Horsin' Around 1992 $95 Little boy in paper sailor's hat saluting as he rides stick horse. Also made as NAO #1140 (see NAO catalog page).
33079 Taking a Break 1993 unknown
33092 Baby-Sitting 1993 $65
33102 Dreams of Summer 1993 $70
33103 My Hero 1993 $115
34025 Teddy Bear Dreams 1994 $65
34029 Bedtime Buddy 1994 $65
34039 Mommy's Little Helper 1994 $90
34044 [title unknown] 1994 [unknown]
An exceptionally appealing model from the brand's last year of production, and a different "take" on the child nurse theme from GM #33017.
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