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Golden Memories Catalog - Angels & Fantasy Themes

Note: Many of the pictures included here were scanned from an original retail catalog, in which colors may have appeared darker and less pastel than they are in actual production.

Ser. # Name of Item Issue Date Last Retail Thumbnail
34013 Autumn Elf 1994 $125
34014 Spring Elf 1994 $130
34015 Christmas Greetings 1994 $100
34017 Teapot Tales [Lamp] 1994 $175
5 1/2"H, a sort of "night light" figural where the entire model is lit from within. A fantasy mouse in feminine dress graces the doorway. One of three of this style item made in GM; these lamps sure do look like they'd be fun to have!
34023 Ginger Bread House [Lamp] 1994 $225
8 1/2"H, a sort of "nightlight" effect where the house is lit from within while a small boy and girl huddling together look on.
34024 Teacup Tales [Lamp] 1994 $135
7"H, structure is lit from within.
34031 Fairy Dancer 1994 $110
Limited edition of 2500.
34032 Painting the Heavens 1994 $95
34033 Summer Elf 1994 $80
34034 Fairy Dreamer 1994 $135
Limited edition of 2500.
34035 Lighting the Stars 1994 $75
34040 Winter Elf 1994 $75
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